The mining locations belonging to the Company's subsidiaries, namely...

Mine Location & Licenses

The Company has mining permit on concession areas in South of Kalimantan,...

As a part of Company's Responsibility to community and the nation, Company implements Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Program (“CSR”) is the realization of Company’ strategic policy to mitigate any risk which will face...

In running the social development, education and community relationship, the Company aim to develop good relationship with local community around the Company’ operational area.

Some activities have done by the Company and Subsidiaries such as:

  • Give merit scholarship, distribution of staple food and animal for religious sacrificial and develop chicken farm for local community around the BIB’ operational area.
  • Social activities on the celebration of religious holidays and national holidays, develop assisted farmers, such as assisted farmers for the cultivation of mushrooms, introducing area P3T (Center of Integrated Agriculture Training), the implementation of the tryout and tutoring for junior and senior high school students, providing scholarships achievements to the communities around the KIM’ operational area.

An overview on broiler farms around the mining area of BIB, this is a flagship CSR program belongs to the BIB, those chicken farms are located in three villages namely Sebamban Baru, Sebamban Lama and Makmur Village. This program has been developed from 2014 and currently has accomodated 35,000 chickens.